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Ghori Baggi Chhattar Band & Dhol Doli Vintage Car

Sohan Lal & Sons

Sohan Lal and Sons Ghoriwala was established in 1955 and is engaged in offering exclusive wedding services to a long list of delighted clients over the years. We take the onus of making your events special and memorable with a host of premium services, including Band Troupe and Musical Services. Firework Services, Flower Chattar, Events Decoration, Baggi, Ghori, Fancy Lighting, Shehnai Vandan, Baraat Band, Folk Dance, Tasha Musical Party & Dhol are amongst the several services that are required in weddings, festivals as well as other several joyous ceremonies.


The Ghoris at Sohan Lal and Sons are the finest-bred mares that are snowy white in colour, strong, disciplined and...

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Our Musical band is a troupe of highly skilled musicians well-equipped to play all the instruments. With a wide range...

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We offer Baggis and Chariots for various occasions such as Weddings, Ramlila, Rath Yatra etc. For these purposes, we use...

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A Beautifully Decorated chattar (Grand Umbrella) adds a regal touch to your wedding Baraat. While also serving the purpose...

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The Palki for the bride is decorated on the basis of the color of the bride's attire and the overall ambiance around you...

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Lighting up the night and eliminating the darkness from your life. According to Hindu Shashtras, fire is also credited with purifying everything.

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You should book a wedding band atleast 5 months in advance, as this will let you coordinate and start preparation of all other aspects of your wedding, as well as prevent any potential availability issues.

Take time to think about your family and friend’s counts while selecting your wedding band. Before signing a contract and reserving a band for your wedding, choose the sort of music you want to be played, as well as verifying the wedding date, time, location, and costs are mentioned accurately.

Our team of professional and well-trained experts provides the best Wedding Band Services across India.

Our services may also be tailored to meet the needs of the clients. We will work on your requests with smooth execution, excellent performance, and timely implementation with unique services.

We encourage you to plan ahead of time before making a reservation, but we understand that this is not always possible. If you realize you need to cancel a wedding band booking, the first 24 hours are generally important.

We now accept online and walk-in reservations. The method of booking is entirely up to you.

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